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Best of Video Track - Issues 58 & 59

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VIDEO TRACK ISSUE 58   June/July 1997

News & Events   90002 in Virgin Livery - Spinning Gibbon Railtour with 60 & 56 haulage - Deltic Main Line runs from Euston - 89 001s first day in service - Class 37s to the rescue - 59s on ore in South Wales - 37 and 56 hauled freight on Central Wales Line - Crewe Open Day Specials - PLUS MUCH MORE
Change on the West Coast Main Line - Part One.   Workings on the Southern half of the route south of Rugby with 47s, 58s, 86s, 87s, 90s at a wide number of locations.
Traffic Profile   Freight and Passenger traffic around Rotherham.
Hydraulic Heaven   The West Somerset's fleet of ‘Westerns’, ‘Warships’ and ‘Hymeks.
Southern By-way   The Wimbledon to West Croydon line before redevelopment as a tramway.
Loco Extras  Locomotive haulage on a variety of specials, including on the West Coast Main Line, at Paddington and on race specials to Cheltenham.
VIDEO TRACK ISSUE 59    Aug/Sept 1997

News Round Up  EPS Class 37s with Eurostar on ECML - 31s and 37/4 on Binliner - Class 47 on ‘Thunderbird’ - Class 37 on Freightliner - 47 519 on test - 47 307 on passenger services - 33 108 working to Crewe with car train - 47’s West Ruislip with ‘Sarah Siddons’ - 31s on ‘The Longest Day’ Railtour -    East Lancs, Gwili and Llangollen Galas, Railtours and Charters including 47s on the Settle and Carlisle, 37s and 31s on the ‘Minehead Mariner’, 59s on the ‘Central Wales Navigator - Nuneaton ‘Drags’ - 47s on passenger services -  PLUS MUCH MORE
Change on the West Coast Main Line - Part Two.   Workings on the northern half of the route through Cumbria with a wide range of passenger and freight traffic. Includes Class 31, 47, 56, 60 and 87101 on freight and Class 86, 87, 90 and HSTs on passenger. 
North Norfolk Diesel Gala  a wide range of heritage traction. 
Lineside Interlude.   The West Highlands.
Freight under the Semaphores.   East Anglia, Northumberland, North Wales and Cornwall with a wide variety of freight workings.

Running Time Approx 2 Hours

Best of Video Track - Issues 58 & 59