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Loco Hauled Passenger Trains 2017

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A Survey of Loco Hauled Workings from recent months 
plus a look back to the 1990s  
The West Country with HSTs along the coast at Dawlish, on the main line through Cornwall and on the Newquay branch. Also the Summer Saturday Class 57 duty from Par to Exeter plus the Class 47s in the 1990s.

South West Wales  with HSTs off the beaten track on Paddington to Pembroke Dock trains.

The Midland Main Line  with HSTs on a line yet to be changed by electrification.

The East Coast Main Line with HSTs from Virgin and Grand Central plus the Class 90 diagram along with Class 91s and a Class 67 duty.     Also HSTs off the beaten track to Harrogate.

Cross Country HSTs on services to the West plus Network Rail HSTs.

Class 37s  on services along the North Wales Coast in 2000 - The Cumbrian Coast Loco hauled workings - DRS Class 37s on the Wherry Lines and services to Great Yarmouth and Lowestoft at a wide number of locations during weekdays and on Summer Saturdays  - Class 37s on  Great Yarmouth trains in the 1990’s

Sleeper Services  Class 73s on the Caledonian Sleeper to Fort William. Class 37s on the Fort William sleeper in the 1990s including the climb to County March Summit. The sleeper to Inverness with Class 73s and Class 67s.  Class 92 haulage the Caledonian Sleeper on the West Coast Main Line. The’Night Riviera’ with Class 57 haulage.

Push-Pull to Norwich   Class 90s on loco hauled workings from Liverpool Street to Norwich.

Class 68s on Loco Haulage   The Fife Circle rush hour workings and the Wherry lines with services to Norwich and Lowestoft. The Chiltern line with Class 68s on Marylebone workings.

Through to Wareham   The Swanage loco hauled branch trains with Class 33/37 power.

Holyhead to Cardiff  with 67 haulage.

Veteran Units   The Class 121 ‘Bubble’ car on the Aylesbury branch plus Pacer Units with Class 142, 143, 144s.

1 Hour 12 minutes
Loco Hauled Passenger Trains 2017