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Power of the Fifties

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The Class 50s were the last passenger diesels built for British Rail and since their introduction in 1967 they have worked express services on three different regions. This programme takes a look back over the years to see the class hard at work on BR and also documents the survivors that made it into preservation plus the 1994 Farewell Railtours.

The programme comprises:

Early Days  The Class 50s on the West Coast Main Line with ‘D’ numbers and with no names.  Scenes at Manchester, Wigan and North of Carlisle.

Refurbishment  The Class on the Western Region including ‘Centurion’ at Plymouth, ‘Defiance’ at Teignmouth, ‘Repulse’ at Dawlish, ‘Eagle’ at Bristol, ‘Warspite’ at Birmingham, plus  many more of the class and including double heading.

Large Logo Livery  The class at work in the new livery.

Freight Duties    A variety of workings including engineering trains.

Railtours  Throughout the Network including the Farewell tours featuring ‘The Royal Scotsman’, ‘The Devonian’, ‘The Glorious Sunset’ and ‘The 50 Terminator’

Preservation The 50s that escaped the scrapheap.

Featuring all 50 members of the Class.

60 mins
Power of the Fifties