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Power of the HSTs - Volume 1

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Development   The need to speed up passenger services on BR, Blue Pullman. The Advanced Passenger Train with a detailed look at the APT’s  development and introduction and ultimate failure.

The Prototype   A detailed look at the Prototype High Speed Train, with film of its testing in service,  an explanation of the controls and cab layout, plus a tour of the power car, the engine layout and coaching stock. Also includes a cab ride and the restoration of the surviving power car, 41001, into service.

Building and Introduction of the HSTs   The construction of the power cars, the power units and cab layout.

Introduction into Service  Documenting the first HST services on the Western Region and East Coast Main Line using archive material from 1976 to 1979. The extension of services to the Midland Main Line and Cross Country routes is also featured.

Through the 1980s  The development of services in the era of British Railways, plus the introduction of the Inter City Executive livery plus the ‘Swallow’ logo. Archive film from around the network documents the HST fleet on a wide variety of services.

The Sound of the HSTs  The classic sound of the Paxman Vallenta powered High Speed Trains using film from around the network. HSTs are shown accelerating from station stops, climbing grades and at speed.

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Power of the HSTs - Volume 1