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Video Profile CLASS 50s
A History of the CLASS 50s. CLASS 50s on the Waterloo to Exeter Line. The CLASS 50s at work during 1987 & 1988.
VT Special Edition Loco Hauled Passenger Trains
A Special Edition exploring the world of loco hauled travel -. Including... Class 47s and 20s to the East Coast DRS Traction Passenger Duties Class 57s & 67s to the West Country Sleeper Services with Class 57s & 90s PLUS MUCH MUCH MORE... Blu-ray format - 75 mins approx
Power of the Fifties
See the class hard at work on BR and also documents the survivors that made it into preservation plus the 1994 Farewell Railtours. 60mins
Power of the HSTs - Volume 1
The HST represents one of the great successes of high speed travel on Britain's Railways. In this series we chart the history of these Icons. Volume One charts their development, starting with the APT, through the Prototype HST to the introduction to mainstream service.
Archive History of Steam on the Southern Vol 4
1967 - This programme explores the final months, from the special trains to the sheds and last workings
By Southern to the Far West Vol 1
The first of two programmes in which Mike Arlett explores in some detail the former Southern Railway network of lines west of Exeter mostly in the last years of working steam. Approx 62 mins
By Southern to the Far West Vol 2
The concluding part of two programmes in which Mike Arlett explores in some detail the former Southern Railway network west of Exeter in the last years of working steam. 64 mins approx
Power of the A3s
A Profile of a legendary Pacific design from 1922 to 1966. A wide number of the class are featured along the East Coast Main Line and in Scotland. 75 mins approx
Video Track Side  Carlisle
Carlisle is an important railway centre, standing at the hub of the West Coast route to Scotland. In this feature we explore the station and its approaches, and the area around Kingmoor Yard to the north. 60 mins
Power of the BR Standards
A Profile of BRs Class 2, 3, 4 and 5 Tank and Tender Engines. This programme provides an authoritative account and archive study of the days of the BR Standards. 75 mins Approx.
Video Trackside Crewe
A profile of the station and its approaches
Focus on Signalling
100 mins, Part 1: How it works - Part 2: Where it is
Focus on Signal Boxes & Semaphores
Over 2 hours! Semaphores, Signal Boxes, Exeter West Box & a Main Line Signal Box
Power of the Class 60s
A profile of the Class 60s - from introduction to the present day. 60 mins approx
Bulleids in Retrospect
The definitive programme reviewing all three types of Bulleid Pacifics, starting with their introduction and ending with their withdrawal. Approx 90 mins
Transition to TOPS
In this programme we’ll explore the network in the early 1970's & this period of transition for the motive power fleet.
Pick Up Freight
A leisurely journey on a freight train along a Norfolk railway in the 1960s. Approx 60 mins
Power of the HSTs 2
The second in our acclaimed series looking at the HSTs, starting in the Privatisation era and ending in the present day
The Somerset and Dorset Railway - Volume 1: 'The Route Explored'
The Somerset & Dorset Railway Volume One - The Route Explored A look at this legendary journey starting at Bournmouth, and ending at Bath, 63 miles to the North, in the 1960s. 73 mins
The Somerset and Dorset Railway - Volume 2: 'Motive Power & Specials'
The motive power scene during the final years of this fascinating railway. 73 minutes
Video Trackside Barnetby
A Guided tour of the lines through Barnetby with a profile of Freight Operations from 1987 to 1999