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Steam Video 134

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Mid Feb 2014 to Mid April 2014
5043 ‘Earl of Mount Edgcumbe’  on the ‘Great Spaghetti Western’   the ‘Berks and Hants Aquae Sulis’ from Solihull to Bristol.   34046 Braunton on the ‘Peak Forester’ from Kings Cross to  Peak Rail.   The Canterbury Explorer to Canterbury - Cathedrals Express from London Paddington to Stratford Upon Avon. 35028 ‘Clan Line' on VSOE Luncheon specials  -  ‘Clan Line’ & Braunton’ on main line move to the Mid Hants - Black 5 44871 on the Central Wales Explorer and ECS move to Southall - a Cathedrals Express from Ashford to Winchester.  45699 Galatea on a Cathedrals Express over S & C  46115  Scots Guardsman  on the Winter  Cumbrians on 22nd Feb, 1st and 8th March - Cumbrian Coast Express. 60007 Sir Nigel Gresley  a Cathedrals Express  to York & on the Cathedrals Express  to Kingswear on the 10th April.  4468 Bittern Cumbrian Ranger with scenes on West Coast & Settle & Carlisle  K4 ‘The Great Marquess’ & B1 61264  Esk Valley to Whitby.  K1 62005 on ‘the Wanswick’. 70000 Britannia  Cathedrals Express  to Salisbury   60163 Tornado on the White Rose  to York.
NEWS AND EVENTS   Chasewater Railway  Industrial gala  - Mallard on the move to York -  Battlefield Line Gala with visiting locos -  Swanage Railways LSWR   Weekend - 34070 ‘Manston’  visiting T9  U Class 31806 M7 tank 30053 34028 ‘Eddystone’.  

JUNCTION IN STEAM   Wednesday the 5th of March saw Hellifield come to life with the appearance of two steam worked trains within the space of one hour. Jubilee ‘Galatea’ & 61994 The Great Marquess are shown alongside archive film from the 1960s. 

KEIGHLEY & WORTH VALLEY GALA  featuring  K4 ‘The Great Marquess’,  American S160  5820 ‘Big Jim’ on passenger & freight plus resident power.

THE GALA SEASON  comprising The North Norfolk Railway,  Churnett Valley Railway  featuring 34007 Wadebridge & S160 number 6046.  The Midland Railway Centre with 73129 Caprotti Standard 5, Ivatt 2MT number 46521. The Severn Valley Railway  with the theme of the Great Westerns branch and secondary lines.

NORTHERN MAIN LINE STEAM   Some old favourites from the Cumbrian Fells featuring Jubilee Galatea,  46115 Scots Guardsman  & A4 4468 Bittern. 

THE WEST SOMERSET RAILWAY SPRING GALA  ‘The Withered Arm’ including ‘U’ Class 31806  &  34007  ‘Wadebridge’ plus  passenger and freight. 

STEAM TO THE YORKSHIRE COAST - two steam specials to the Yorkshire Coast, featuring  61994 ‘The Great Marquess’ and B1 61264. K1 62005 on the Boulby and Whitby lines. 

THROUGH THE HEART OF WALES   Black 5s 44871 and 45407 on the ‘Central Wales Explorer’ & ‘Heart of Wales’  over the Central Wales line with full coverage including the long climb to the summit at Sugar Loaf.

PARTING SHOT  The climb to Ais Gill.

2 hrs 30 mins - also available on Blu-ray


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Steam Video 134