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Video Track 157 - Dec 13/Jan 14

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Extended News from around the Network from the Main Line & Preserved Network

Class 67 News with test trains, Chiltern Line Services, pilots on steam charters, and VSOE special -  Stock moves including 56 311 moving ‘Mallard’ to Grantham & 57 605 on HST stock move to Crewe - Class 60 News with Colnbrook Tanks, 60054 move to Bescot - 92 029 on EWS breakdown train - 60 017 and 60063  on  Pathfinders ‘Taffy Tug‘ tour to South Wales with scenes on the branches, 60 011 on freight from Exeter, 60 019 to Preston Docks, 60 054 on ‘Great Eastern Freighter’ - Kings Cross Re-development  -  First HST on East Lancs Railway - Princes Risborough to Chinnor Shuttles and Anniversary specials on Chinnor & Princes Risborough Railway - ‘Autumn Highlander’ with DRS Class 20s - SERCO test train with 31 and 73 haulage - DRS 37s on Flask Traffic to the Far North of Scotland - DCR Class 31s inc 31 190 on Long Marston to Eastleigh move, and stock moves to Eastleigh and Barrow Hill - Class 56s on scrap train, on Calvert Spoil, COLAS 56s on Sinfin to Grangemouth tanks and Chirk timber traffic -  Chiltern ‘Bubble’ on inspection run - Bicester Chord engineering duties with COLAS motive power -  Virgin diversions over Chiltern line with DRS 57s - Special trains incl FOOTEX to Wembley, GBRF Class 20s to Holyhead, DRS Class 20s with the ‘Torbay Flyer’ to Kingswear - Statesman train - D1015 ‘Western Champion’ on main line on move to Tyseley, on test run to Leicester & Western Wessexman’ to Weymouth and Cumbrian Explorer - Severn Valley Diesel Gala including 37 109, D9009 and 55 002 , 24 081, D821 and ‘Western Courier’ at various locations.

CORNISH FREIGHT   Freight operations around Par, Lostwithiel and the Fowey branch  with China Class workings, fuel tanks to Penzance and freight to Exeter. Also includes freight in 1994 with Class 37s on freight duties around Lostwithiel and Par.

LINESIDE LOCATIONS   Standish Junction south of Gloucester with Class 20s, Class 60s and Class 66s on a range of workings.

EAST ANGLIAN POWER  Loco haulage on the main line and preserved scene in Norfolk with D6732 on the North Norfolk, the  Mid Norfolk Railways September Diesel Gala with D6700, 37 003, 47 596,   73 210,’Selhurst, 50 026 ’Indomitable’  56 097  55 002 ’Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry’, The main line with West Coast power on the main line from Norwich to Ely,   The Yarmouth Drags with  47 810 and 47 802. The ‘Short set’ on the Yarmouth line with 47 828 and 47 841   PLUS 37 423 37 605 on the ‘Retro Fenland Explorer’ to Yarmouth   
SIGNALLING  NEWS   The Joint line from Peterborough to Doncaster with the boxes north of Sleaford with passenger and freight workings and details of the many signal boxes, the line from Crewe to Shrewsbury just before the switching out of the boxes including Nantwich, Prees and Wrenbury.   


VT157 includes D1015 back on the main line, the Severn Valley Gala, Deltic haulage, and a range of traction on special trains.
Video Track 157 - Dec 13/Jan 14