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Video Track 161

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Extended News from around the Network
Class 47 on Doncaster to Goole freight - First COLAS Class 70s on the Chiltern Main Line - COLAS 70s on stone duties - 70 806 & 807 on first run from Docks - COLAS 70 to Long Marston - First Class 68 under own power - Class 68 delivery from Docks - Great Britain VII railtour with Class 37 & Class 47 haulage -  Class 37s on test train to West Wales - Diverting of Sleeper along East Coast Main Line - DRS 37s on Midland Main Line - West Coast 47s on Midland - Boston Steel with 56 and 47 haulage - Final day for Sleaford North box - Engineering train to Joint Line - ‘Western Champion’ and ‘Western Courier’ double headed on main line - ‘Western Lickey and Banks’ special - Stock Moves including COLAS 56 on HST move - 20 142 & 20 189 in Balfour Beatty colours - Class 60 convoy from Crewe to Derby with COLAS power - 56 312 on convoy to the Nene Valley diesel gala - DRS Class 57s on 6K07 engineers from Carlisle to Crewe plus Mountsorrel duty - 37 423 in new DRS colours - Signal Box closures at Wool and Wareham -  GBRF Class 73 on test and engineering trains in London - Grid on Chiltern freight - Sinfin Tanks with 56 power - Class 60s on freight and ‘Lancashire Hills & Coast Railtour’ - Class 92 on special - DRS 37s on ‘Heart of Wales Meanderer’ - Class 57s on ‘Settle & Carlisle Statesman’ - West Coast 37s on SRPS special to Kyle - Class 67s on Highland special - West Coast 47 on Southern Irishman - West Coast 33 on 4TC move to Swanage - Settle & Carlisle 25th Anniversary specials - Class 350 on Branch Line Society special - 31 190 on engineers duties - Diverted Bicester MOD trains - Chiltern Freight diversions - 55 002 on move to Didcot - Didcot Diesel Gala with 55 002, 47 292, Prototype Power Car - D6700 - Convoy from Didcot Gala - 40 145 on ‘East Lancs Stalwart’.

Lines That Time Forgot - Ayr to Stranraer   The quiet Scottish route to Stranraer with its signalboxes, semaphores and passenger services.
Class 37s in the Highlands  The familiar sight of Class 37s on the Highand Main Line and the route through the Highlands to Kyle of Lochalsh. Features the ‘Lochalsh Highlander’, ‘The Great Britain VII’, the ‘Firth Tay Highlander’  and the ‘Royal Scotsman’in recent weeks at a wide variety of locations.

 Lineside Locations - Ribblehead  A busy afternoon at this delightful location on the Settle and Carlisle. On the 28th of April a triple headed log train shunts and departs for Chirk with COLAS 47 and 56 traction. DRS 57s are also featured on enginnering traffic plus the usual freight.

Traffic Profile - Eastleigh    The major railway hub of Eastleigh, with passenger services and freight passing through, and running in and out of the busy yard. Includes 60 074 on shunting and freight, Class 73s, plus a variety of freight seen from a number of locations in and around the station. Also includes the famous works. 

The East Coast Main Line   Freight and passenger services on the line from Grantham to Retford and north from Doncaster at a number of locations including Claypole Loop and Frinckley Lane. Includes test trains, a Class 60, and the DB Schenker Company Train.

Parting Shot     DRS Class 37s on full power!


2 hours approx - also available on blu-ray
Video Track 161