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VideoTrack Annual 2018 Premier Edition

Our Price: £7.95
SNOW & ICE TREATMENT TRAINS -  With Class 20s.  MAIN LINE POWER ON THE BLUEBELL -  With Class 20s, 50 049 and 73s.   FOUR TRAINS EVENT ON THE ECML -  With a Class 91, an HST, an Azuma and ‘Flying Scotsman’.   DIVERSIONS -  Through South Wales, Peterborough, Welwyn Garden City and along the ‘Golden Valley’.  SETTLE & CARLISLE RE-OPENING -  With Freight and Passenger. LT BATTERY LOCOS -  on Freight. AZUMAS -  on Test Runs. LAST OF THE CLASS 121 BUBBLES -  With the last days workings and the Green and Blue units. END OF THE NETWORK RAIL 31s -  With 31 233 on its last runs. SPECIAL TRAINS -  The ‘Weston Flyer’, the ‘Northern Belle’ on tour, ‘Heart of Wales Wanderer’ with Network Rail 37s, The ‘Spring Highlander’ & ‘Royal Scotsman’.  LOCO CONVOYS -  from Swanage Gala, to and from the Nene Valley Railway.  47 815 -  on the Nene Valley.  CLASS 88s -  on test runs, first passenger run from Euston, and ‘Settle & Carlisle Pioneer’.  TEST TRAINS - around the Network with a variety of operators and motive power.  EUROPHOENIX CLASS 37s -  on a variety of DMU drags.  SPECIAL TRAINS -  ‘Round Robin’ to Long Marston, ‘Mersey Weaver’,  ‘Easter Highlander’ and a RUGGEX from Carmarthen.  CLASS 56s -  on Boston Steel and engineering trains. COLAS CLASS 67s -  on test trains.  THAMESLINK CLASS 319s -  last duties and 47 815 on drags to Long Marston.  COAL TRAFFIC -  the decline in traffic.  LOCO HAULAGE ON WHERRY LINES  -  With Class 37s and Class 68s.  CLASS  60S -  COLAS and DB locos on freight plus 60s on the Nene Valley and Severn Valley.  MAIN LINE LOCOs -  on the Chinnor & Princes Risborough Railway.  STOCK MOVEMENTS -  With 47 812 & 47 815, Class 37s and Class 68s. DRS OPEN DAY  -  at Carlisle with associated Class 20 convoy and special train. MAIN LINE DELTICS -  D9009 ‘Alycidon’ on Welsh Central Liner and ‘Royal Scots Grey’ on ‘Hull & Leeds Executive’. MAIN LINE CLASS 50s -  With 50 008 ‘Thunderer’,  50 017 ‘Fearless’ and 50 050 on freight.  HASTINGS UNIT -  on Tour.  MIDLAND REALIGNMENT -  at Market Harborough D345  -  East Lancs Enterprise Tour.  NEW COLAS 70s  -  on the main line.  MAIN LINE 20s -  on stock moves. WAREHAM TO SWANAGE -  summer services.    BUFFER PUFFER 14 -  on tour.  VIVRAILS -  23001 on Long Marston shuttles.   DELTIC EVENT ON THE BLUEBELL -  55 019, 55009 & D9002 OLD OAK COMMON OPEN DAY -  on the 2nd September 50 007 ‘HERCULES’ & 50 049 ‘DEFIANCE’   -  on ‘The Caledonian’ & ‘Torbay & Dart Explorer’  RHTT TRAINS -  around the Network with a variety of traction.  PLUS MUCH MORE.

Running time approx 2 Hours
VideoTrack Annual 2018 Premier Edition